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If you scroll down the page a bit, you will see that Publications has several e-books available and are displayed below. Some are available on in Kindle format and others are available in PDF file format. 
Punksters Punk Rock Comic strip collection volume 1
E-book By Bob Craypoe 
Punksters Punk Rock Comic strip collection volume 2
E-book By Bob Craypoe 
 punksters comic strip collection volume 3
E-book By Bob Craypoe
punksters comic strip collection volume 4 
E-book By Bob Craypoe
punksters comic strip colection volumes 3 and 4 
E-book By Bob Craypoe
what not to do as a musician kindle e-book
E-book By Bob Craypoe
To Infinity Audio CD 
Audio CD by Bob Craypoe 
Guitar chord e-book
 Guitar Chord E-book
Mandolin and banjo chord e-book 
Mandolin Chord E-book 
Internet marketing e-book 
Internet Marketing E-book
Brown-noser mug 
Biggest Brown-Noser Mug 
World's biggest drunk beer stein
 World's Biggest Drunk Mug 
Punk rock comic t-shirt also has some Merchandise available on, spotlighting the Punk Rock characters that are featured in the comic strip. You will find such things as T-shirts like the one displayed to the left as well as wall clocks, posters, hats and mugs.  CLICK HERE  to go there now.

We even have lots of art prints made available through You can browse by theme or view all of the prints. Below, 4 themes are represented: Western, Pirate, Fantasy and Horror.

Also available are classical piano sheet music in PDF format. Scroll down to view.
Art prints by R. L. Crepeau
western theme art prints  pirate themed art prints 
"All Smiles" from our Western theme art prints.  "Three on Deck"  from our Pirate theme art prints. 
old gnomes tale fantasy art print  horror art prints 
"Old Gnomes Tale" from our Fantasy art prints.  "Evil Clown Banquet" from our Horror theme. 
fur elise 
Piano Sheet Music
Beethoven's Fur Elise
beethoven's moonlight sonata 
Piano Sheet Music
Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata
beethovens fifth 
Piano Sheet Music
Beethoven's Symphony No 5
mozart symphony 40 
Piano Sheet Music
Mozart's Symphony No 40
alla turka mozart 
Piano Sheet Music
Mozart's Alla Turca
ein klein nachtmusic mozart 
Piano Sheet Music
Mozart's A little Night Music
And For Even More Posters, T-Shirts, Hats, Mugs & Etc, Go To Our Zazzle Store! 
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