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Mad doctor looking around  Our first website. It features guitar chords and scales, mandolin chords and scales, keyboard chords, mandola chords, soprano recorder songs and scales, diatonic harmonica songs, classic poetry, jokes, articles and much more. is a site that features a comic strip with punk rock characters. The site also has free downloadable desktop wallpapers.
This is basically a corporate parody site.  
This website uses a numerical system for depicting guitar chords, that are designed to be read by screen reading software, to enable the blind to learn guitar chords by key, online. It was designed by Bob Craypoe and tested by Terry Hopwood Jackson, a blind guitarist from the U.K. and waw later expanded by Bob Craypoe with the assistance of Casey Harper from Virginia.

 Our YouTube Channel:
The YouTube channel features our videos and the videos created by Bob Craypoe. Most are centered around music and humor.

 Bob Craypoe's Website:
This is Bob Craypoe's personal website. It has his music, merchandise and articles posted.

 Bob Craypoe's Art Website:
This site features an online gallery of Bob Craypoe's (also known as R. L. Crepeau) 3D artwork.

For links to our social media accounts, go to our Social Media Page. For links to bob Craypoe's various blogs, go to the Articles and Blogs Page.
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